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Industry-leading restaurant & hospitality tech company operating in more than 250 cities


Influencer Marketing: Is it worth it?

Why People Become Restaurant Regulars…and How to Keep Them Coming Back



End-to-end human resources and restaurant management software platform

Thought leadership for a social commerce SaaS solution



Sales and support SaaS solution

What is Live Chat and How Can it Increase Your Store’s Sales?

6 Awesome Examples of How Live Chat Can Drive Ecommerce Sales


Black Sheep Restaurants

One of Hong Kong’s largest, most progressive restaurant groups. Managed and edited the blog increasing readership by 230% in 6 months

The Humble Origins of the Greek Taverna

Cooking Over Fire in the Vietnamese Highlands

A Chef’s Obsession with Butter Chicken with Palash Mitra

How to Make an Indian Meal From Scratch

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