Finding a writer who gets your brand doesn’t have to be painful


I founded my company, Copydogs Limited, for those of you who know the perfect writer is out there, but just haven’t found them yet.

It all started one wet Wednesday afternoon in Hong Kong.

I was super excited to be writing for one of the biggest restaurant groups in town.

But watching my manager run from meeting to meeting – desperately trying to squeeze in 10 minutes at her desk to dash off some emails – I thought, “There’s no way we’re going to have time to go through the new blog strategy I sent through.”

It wasn’t her fault. She was so busy she barely had time to onboard the new starter.

But I got the point where I was making more money doing freelance writing at the weekend than I was at my day job.

So I thought, “Why not go it alone?”

With my overstretched marketing manager in mind, I set out to help companies find the words they need, without the stress.

I do the research and get to know your brand and your ideal customer. Then carefully craft copy that speaks to the deepest motivators of your target audience.

Because I’m a lone wolf, I can get really deep into your brand story, tone of voice and buyer personas, without the agency price tag. 

Plating with the incredible Pedro Passinhas

Plating with the incredible Pedro Passinhas


Why do I write about food and restaurant tech?

Hospitality is where it all started for me.

But after a decade of cuts, burns and verbal abuse in some of London’s top kitchens (and market stalls), I discovered writing is what I’m best at.

But my time in the industry gave me an appreciation for the guys on the frontline. Slogging it out day and night.

As I gained more experience writing about digital marketing and software, I knew I wanted to be at the point where food and technology come together.

Restaurant tech is changing the industry for the better. Making managers’ lives easier and generating more revenue for those adopting it.

That’s the future of the F&B industry

But restaurant operators don’t necessarily realise the potential benefits of the technology on the market. 

That’s where I help restaurant and food tech brands like yours.

My mission is to help food technology companies attract, engage and convert more customers in order to grow and make a difference.

So if you’re a marketing director or head of content looking for the right words to grow your business…

Researching a new menu – a taste of the laptop life to come

Researching a new menu – a taste of the laptop life to come

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